AJAX Based Web Development

Using the wide range of Ajax functionalities any user can create more dynamic and powerful Web applications either is related to ecommerce, website applications, social networking website designing, and other IT related products and services. Our company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure build to cope up with any kind of environment and leads to sophisticated solutions. Our solutions are based on diligent services to our bestow clients. We are committed towards our global clients and believe in the changing technologies. We are dealing in the technologies like JAVA, AJAX, .NET, PHP, and other open sources.
  • Systematic Approach for the application development with Ajax Web oriented features development with Ajax Mayor advancement in the existing product with Ajax Uplifting of the project with Ajax technology Continuous monitoring on the traffic Continuous expanding your business through web support.
  • Our Ajax-driven ecommerce website will enable shopping cart applications, which further enhances user’s online shopping experience. Presentation using XHTML and CSS Data validation Document Object Model (DOM) User Interface Controls Using XML and XSLT technology data interchange and manipulation Client-end scripting language like JavaScript Asynchronous data retrieval Java script binding everything together
  • Understanding Needs through: Discussions Notes Online chat Interviews with the clients Mails and supporting docs by the client Recorded telephone conversations, Model sites/applications Others
For any kind of web development processes, we need systematic processes that can be used to follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling tools and languages. We adopt several contingent steps that can build the solutions and make our product unique in all respect.
  • 1. AJAX: Information Gathering
  • 2. AJAX: Planning
  • 3. AJAX: Design
  • 4. AJAX: Development
  • 5. AJAX: Testing and Delivery
  • 6. AJAX: Maintenance